Densou Adtech


Densou has built the world's first self-service platform enabling publishers to join the competition for the long tail advertising budgets by offering a solution without minimum spending limits or expensive intermediaries. With Densou Select publishers are offered a white label solution, where businesses can create and book national and regional campaigns directly on their platform. 

Densou provides a digital advertising platform to SMBs

"This is a ‘killer’ co-founder constellation; Jacob is a rising tech-star recently listed on Forbes ’30-under-30’ and Anders is a seasoned successful adtech and media entrepreneur.  Today, tech giants like Google and Facebook nearly have monopoly on the global digital advertising market threathing local publishers' survival. Densou offers a self-service platform to the SMB digital advertisers making the purchase of a digital campaign with any publisher as easy as buying a plane ticket online."
                                                                                                                   - Investment Manager, Richard Breiter

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