Expanite has developed a fast and cost-efficient process for superior surface hardening of stainless steel. The solution works by dissolving nitrogen or carbon atoms into cavities in the crystal structure of the steel.

Expanite is a game-changer

“There is a significant demand for methods to harden stainless steel.  Expanite has developed a world class technology to harden both stainless steel and other metals such as titanium. Expanite treat stainless steel at their facilities in Denmark; Germany & US, but also offer on-site treatment facilities for larger customers. One of their larger customers is US-based SSP FITTINGS CORP, who has an on-site treatment facility installed to treat and thus prevent their tube fittings from leaking. The founders are extremely knowledgeable engineers and experts within their field”

                                                                 - Managing Partner, Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack


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