Motosumo intends to make training more fun by using advanced motion analysis powered by your smartphone only. The first application is an app for indoor biking, that gives you sensor-free cadence measurements for optimal training along with live coach- and team data making the session more engaging and fun.

The world's first sensor-free cadence measurement for stationary bikes

“After trying the app, I really felt how strong the Motosumo experience is - my live data feed tells me how well I’m doing so I can continuously adapt my training to get the most out of it and I’m pushing myself a bit extra as my data is shared with the rest of my team. Motosumo takes activity tracking to a new level – it gives athlete-grade training metrics based on its unique motion analysis algorithm running only on the smartphone. This data adds insight about how one could train more efficient or to avoid injuries. The vision is to build an intelligent system that can do this automated and personalized – and the team behind Motosumo are the ones to do it!”

                                                                 - Investment Manager, Richard Breiter



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