Plytix is the fastest growing search engine for product information. Unlike other search engines, Plytix focuses solely on product information such as Images, descriptions and specifications. All product information on Plytix is uploaded and owned by the brands, and verified by Plytix. That way, resellers avoid today's hassle of poor quality images and copyright infringement. Each product in Plytix is also enriched with a unique identifier that allows brands to monitor when and where their products are displayed on the web. 

The best analytics tool for ecommerce

“Today’s web analytic tools such as Google Analytics are built to track and optimize your own website but when less than 6% of products are sold through brands’ own websites, retailers are missing out on a lot of data! Plytix is an analytics platform that allow brands to follow their products’ performance on third party websites. Just imagine what retailers can do with 100% of product data instead of 6%. We did, which is why we invested in Plytix.”

                                                                 - Investment Manager, Peter Egehoved




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