Sensorist’s IoT sensing system enables businesses to sense and monitor critical assets and physical metrics that are important to the business. With the data comes better insight on which to make decisions. The solution just works out of the box and the user experience is great thanks to the seamless integration of both Hardware and software.

Sensorist brings IoT to our daily lives

“Sensorist is riding on a technology advancement development curve that now makes it possible to make wireless sensing solutions so good and affordable that it will enable a whole new range of industrial applications. With real-time sensing data comes new insights that can be used to enhance various business metrics. With Sensorist’s solution you are up and running in minutes and ready to improve your business. The team is led by the experienced entrepreneur Kasper, who also founded the successful startup Fullrate. It’s impressive to see a team that just makes hardware and software work!”

                                                                 - Investment Manager, Richard Breiter



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