Trustpilot has developed a review-driven platform that makes it possible for consumers to read and write reviews about their online purchases on – Trustpilot enables consumers to freely read and write reviews while helping businesses learn from the feedback and improve their customer service.

Trustpilot lets you review and discover great companies

“Peter was 24 years old when he founded Trustpilot. Peter had, with his idea about user-generated content and peer-to-peer reviews tapped directly into two hot trends. Here was a case, which had enormous growth potential and an uncontested market. Today, Trustpilot employs +500 people worldwide and has grown into one of the world’s largest review engines. We are impressed by Peter’s execution skills, insight and his general mindset and are happy that he chose us as his long-term capital partner.”

                                                                 - General Partner, Lars Andersen


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