The Vivino app lets users scan a wine, which is then matched against the largest wine library in the world consisting of millions of wines. Through image-recognition, Vivino provides users with a given wines’ rating, review and average price - instantly. Vivino provides an easy way of rating and storing wine experiences and the opportunity to share these with friends. Vivino simply enables you to pick better wine

The world's largest community of wine drinkers

“We invested in a first product, which honestly wasn’t very good (like with many other app’s) – But even though they hadn’t perfected the product the users kept coming. Here was an unfulfilled need and the market was gigantic. The Vivino app is now perfect. Vivino has users in the double-digit million area and they have already shown promising revenue channels.”

                                                                 - Managing Partner, Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack



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