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  • Trustpilot and Seed




    On the internet everything is about time to market. SEED helps me get there faster, with capital, expertise and network. It makes the difference between being number one and number who cares

    – Peter Mühlmann, Trustpilot

  • Vivino and Seed




    SEED Capital believed in us from day one and helped take Vivino from a small local app in Denmark to the number 1 wine app in the world

    – Heini Zachariassen, Vivino

  • Endomondo and Seed




    SEED Capital was the first institutional investor to believe in us and have backed us all the way. Seed Capital also helped us find a chairman, who made a big difference towards a successful exit early 2015

    - Mette Lykke, Endomondo

  • ken-villum_final.png

    lunar-way-logo (002)

    SEED has contributed with their strong network in the financial sector and has helped us set an excellent board. They have been very helpful as a strategic partner and we have had a great collaboration developing our business model

    - Ken Villum Klausen, Lunar Way

  • Søren_Acarix.jpg



    SEED Capital has been instrumental in the process of listing Acarix on Nasdaq First North Premier. They have helped identify and attract highly skilled board members and have played a key role in our communication efforts. SEED Capital is helping us on the journey to create a win-win for patients, payers and physicians.

    – Søren Rysholt Christiansen, Acarix

  • orderyoyo-banner-2.png


    SEED has been the perfect partner from the very beginning. We have been given the best conditions to scale our business exponentially - going from 2 to 70 employees in just one year - and the journey has only just begun

    – Thor Angelo, OrderYOYO

  • Templafly Seed

    The road from great product to amazing business is bumpy. SEED Capital have helped us navigate it from the minute we met and they continue to fuel our motivation every day

    - Christian Lund, Templafy

  • Mark.jpg




    Becoming the world’s preferred blockchain payment provider requires agility, but also clarity in communicating to stakeholders. SEED Capital have been with us from the beginning. They have been supportive and have challenged us with their constructive feedback

    Mark Højgaard, Coinify



  • claus.png.jpg




    On your growth journey you need a skillful travelling companion. SEED offers valuable network and ideas and shares our vision to give organizations the most engaging learning and performance software

    – Claus Johansen, eloomi

  • Reapplix_Portfolio_Header.jpg

    SEED have been supportive since day one! In particular their legal assistance have made great efforts to see things from the viewpoint of us as founders

    - Rasmus Lundquist, Reapplix

We are Denmark’s bravest early stage investor

We partner early on and help daring entrepreneurs build great technology companies, and we love doing just that.


We invest in software technology-based startups and hardware startups intersecting with software. We have an opportunistic approach to sectors, industries and business models and we are not afraid to dive into uncharted waters. We look for world-class teams, global scalability and companies surfing on current and future macro trends.

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We invest broadly within medtech with a special focus on new technologies, including digital health, altering the healthcare sector to make medical procedures more accurate, more productive and smarter. We invest in medtech startups that seek to remove friction in the healthcare sector and empower patients.

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