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Our Focus

Is this the next category winner?

It’s the first and most fundamental question we ask when considering any investment - and it’s why 70% of our investments convert to Series A.

We gravitate towards solutions that ride the wave of underlying macro trends with transparency and/or user generated content.

Our portfolio contains both consumer and Deep tech but the majority of our investments are within Fintech and SaaS. Actually, we’re the largest Fintech investor in Denmark.

Our Stage


12-18 months before Series A or early A-rounds

Our Ticket size


Initial investment


“As an experienced entrepreneur, I know how important it is to have experienced investors. That's why I chose to work with SEED. They showed straight away that they understood the problem and have been an invaluable help getting Dixa from seed to Series A and B.”

Mads Fosselius
Mads Fosselius
Founder & CEO, Dixa

Denmark-based technology company with extraordinary founders



Our Stage


12-18 months before Series A or early A-rounds




Denmark-based technology company with extraordinary founders

Our Ticket size


Initial investment

We invest in
Deep tech

So what we really love...


Team is the numero uno driving force behind any startup success. For us, the perfect founding team are die hard executors with a bold and ambitious vision. We seek a strong mutual chemistry as - in our experience - it’s the foundation for a great long-term partnership.

Early Customer Love

Being a late seed investor implies a true love for initial traction. While initial traction isn’t a guarantee of future success, it says something about your execution power and the initial product-market fit, both of which are important markers for us. Traction isn’t a uniform thing, but to give an example, we typically wouldn’t invest in a SaaS business before it reaches 50 KEUR MRR.

Scalable Business

We invest in tech startups with the potential to reshape an industry, category, or vertical within 8-10 years. When investing, we understand that you’re not there yet but we still look for early signs of strong scalability - i.e. profitable repeatability.


Timing (and also a bit of luck) are often key ingredients for success. We need to understand why the market needs your solution now? We love solutions that are built on strong forward-looking macro trends such as transparency, user-generated content, or you tell us.

Deep Insights

There’s no ‘one’ way of building a category winner, but they are all rooted in tackling a unique and big problem. This often starts by having experienced the problem first-hand, or through substantial industry experience. We love founders who are extremely nerdy with the problems they solve. They have first-hand experience on the pain of their customers and know where the gain is.

What typically makes us fall out of love...

Business-to-government (B2G) - selling to the public sector

A solution that solves low-priority problems - i.e. must be in top three for customer

Solving overly time-bound problems - i.e. the problem becomes less relevant over time

Inexperience combined with over confidence

Homogenous founder team - though, we have invested in several solo founders 🤔

Not aware of what success demands in terms of organisation, product and commercial expertise

Messed up cap table - Let's fix this together 


We are never better than our portfolio companies.

We’re *not* spray and pray.

The numbers never lie*

* Tabellen lyver aldrig

Ambition meets next-gen hunger and experience-born calmness.

Focus. Focus. Fun. Focus.

We take diversity seriously. So far, we are 50/50 on age and gender.

Proximity matters - some conversations are just easier face2face.