With you all the way

Since 2004, we’ve made 60 core investments and doubled down on breakout companies like Dixa, Endomondo, Fullrate, Lunar, Templafy, Trustpilot, VEO and Vivino. To date, the companies that we’ve invested in have gone on to raise more than $2.6BN.
When we invest, we invest far more than just capital. 

Meet the team

Experienced. Likeable. Close.

Meet the team
Meet the team

We know how to stay the course

In almost 20 years of investing, we’ve lived through more than a few economic crises. We’ve invested in almost every type of industry and been on almost every type of venture journey. It’s this collective body of experience that is the essence of our value to you as a founder. We know which steps to take, which corners to cut, and when not to panic. 


A partner all the way to exit.

We’re *not* spray and pray. We only ever invest in a few companies per fund and we have the time and money to help you to the finish line.


Deep knowledge and a long-term commitment.

We and our network of SEED Friends & Family have all been on the growth journey multiple times. We truly understand your business, share your vision, and will be by your side through the ups and downs. We collaborate with our founders on setting a strong board and management team. Someone you can confide in - both on what works and, even more importantly, what does not work.


Close to founders.

Proximity matters because it helps us build closer relationships with our founders. Plus it gives us the time and opportunity to have physical meetings when needed - some conversations are just easier face2face.


The founder to CEO journey.

We help the team grow from seed stage founder-centric team to a Series A mature management team (initial growth stage).


Shape company for Series A.

We re-engineer the process of raising a Series A and work methodically with GTM, metrics, unit economics, and a fundable team. We use our strong local network to help our companies find initial traction and make key hires.


Raise next funding round.

We have a strong network of international venture funds and we have worked with several of them for years. Furthermore, we have set aside a substantial amount of the fund for follow-on capital to provide you with a solid commitment going into the A round and beyond.


Proven track record.

Approx 70% of SEED Capital’s portfolio companies convert to series A, which is well above the European standard among venture funds, and a testament to our strategy of only investing in 3-5 new companies per year allowing an experienced team and capital to actually work with and support founders throughout their full journey.


Join our #SEEDfamily.

At times, the founder journey can be lonely. At other times, it can make you the happiest person on earth. With us, you’re not alone - you’ll be in great and mighty company.

What is SEED Capital?

We're a Copenhagen-based VC fund that specialises in providing seed funding for outstanding Danish startups.

If you think VC is all about money, you’re wrong. We’re here on the mandate of our LPs to back founders that are able to form grand companies that solve some of the most important problems of our time and approx 70% of our portfolio converts to series A, which is well above the European standard among venture funds.

We also participate in follow-up funding rounds syndicated with new international VCs. We have existed since 2004 and have raised close to €500M across 4 funds and 1 growth fund.. We raised €140M for our latest fund and have already made our first 11 investments with more to come.  

We take pride in helping our portfolio companies all the way to exit.


Christian Brøndum

joins as Partner


IPO Trustpilot IPO OrderYOYO

Exit Coinify


Fund IV

Peter Egehoved

is promoted as GP


Exit Firmafon (Relatel)


Niels Vejrup Carlsen is promoted as GP



Exit Mofibo

IPO Acarix


Fund III

Exit Endomondo

Exit EpiTherapeutics

IPO Windar Photonics


Exit Libratone and Contera



Fund II

Jakob & AC are promoted to Partners


Exit Fullrate


LA joins as GP


Fund I

UBS is Founder and GP