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Anne Cathrine Wilhjelm

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Anne Cathrine Wilhjelm

Attorney, Partner


AC is an Attorney and Partner at SEED Capital and has dedicated her legal career to supporting tech entrepreneurs in Denmark. AC is one of Denmark's most experienced venture lawyers and has been involved in many of the most significant Danish investments in the past 20 years. As a partner, AC is an expert in ensuring that all of SEED’s investments and investment decisions are professionally handled and legally sound. Over the years, she has been involved in raising all five of our funds and participated in approx. 1,000 investments, ranging from small to large transactions, M&A oveni our own investments and IPOs (UK, US, Sweden and Denmark). Further, AC is proud to be responsible for our ESG reporting.

She started her career at Kromann & Reumert and was then legal counsel at Ørsted. She was Chief Legal Counsel at startup before joining Preseed Ventures and SEED Capital. 

AC holds a degree in law from Copenhagen University and a Master of Laws (LLM) from Vrije University in Bruxelles.

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Founder quote

"A lot of VCs talk about value add. Luckily, AC is a walker, not a talker. She is solution-oriented, and her eye for detail and sharp feedback meant that for a period I’d send all our investment docs past her beforehand"

Peter Andreasen

Co-founder, Lunar
Joined SEED


When I'm not working
  • I love spending time with my family (husband, 3 daughters, and a dog), skiing, surfing and scuba diving
  • I love nature, and especially running in it. I’ve run one  marathon… but I’m not sure there’ll be a number 2!
Deep dive
  • All things legal
  • Specifically legal matters on Investments, M&A and exits.
  • VC fund documents (I have witnessed many nasty terms and multiple no-name horror stories. I share these insights anonymously with our #SEEDfamily to strengthen our collective knowledge pool.)
What I’m reading

“Den Inderste Kerne” (The Inner Core) is about Inge Lehmann, a prominent female Danish seismologist and geophysicist, who made a ground-breaking discovery about the structure of the Earth’s core.

I’m happiest when…
  • Everyone in my family is happy and we’re together!
  • Helping my fantastic colleagues and our amazing founders succeed.

What gives me energy

Let’s find the solution together!

Podcast i recommend
Paying it forward
What’s it like working for SEED Capital?
Why did you join SEED Capital / VC?

I joined SEED Capital as I wanted to be involved as a lawyer in the full cycle from startup, seed, growth and finally to exit. I’m never more fulfilled than when I’m helping my super-talented and amazing colleagues and our entrepreneurs to achieve their very best.

My greatest achievement
My biggest failure
Link to relavant talk/podcast/article/blog with you
Any other pointers like your personal investment thesis/preference/view upon the world of scaleups and VC
My greatest learning when working with startups and venture capital
Philanthropy and Service
  • Chairman at Ovacure - OvaCure is a small Danish NGO that works to initiate and promote research in ovarian cancer.
  • Founder of a local community: Nordvest Falsters Forum.
  • Helping refugees from Ukraine at Dansk Folkehjælp.