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Chris Porsgaard

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Chris Porsgaard



Chris is a Principal in the investment team at SEED Capital. He focuses on early-stage startups and is especially excited about Fintech, verticalized SaaS, and marketplaces.

Chris gained first-hand experience as an entrepreneur at the start of his career when he co-founded two marketplaces (B2B and B2C), both of which ended up failing. He then spent more than 5 years in management consulting eventually focusing on M&A.

Prior to SEED, Chris was a professional venture builder at Rainmaking working with Fintech, consumer, and SaaS solutions for SMBs. 

He holds a degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and Stanford University.

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When I'm not working
  • I love travelling southern Europe by car with my family.
  • I love playing various sports. I'm currently going all in on padel tennis and I'm my own biggest competitor. 🎾
Deep dive
  • Strategic positioning across the value chain, product offerings, and customer segments
  • Go-to-market models and growth strategies for consumer and SMBs
  • Two-sided platforms and marketplaces
  • Fintech solutions for consumers and SMBs
What I’m reading
  • The Cold Start Problem, Andrew Chen
I’m happiest when…
What gives me energy

Be all in, or be all out. Halfway sucks.

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