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Peter Egehoved

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Peter Egehoved

General Partner


Peter is a General Partner at SEED Capital, focusing on SaaS and Enterprise. He leads SEED’s investments in ComplyCloud, Talenthub, and Penni, and he sourced VEO and Forecast. 

Prior to joining SEED, Peter was an investment manager at Preseed Ventures in Copenhagen and co-founded Redrice Ventures in London. He also has entrepreneurial experience as part of the management team at Forecast as CFO/COO. He started his career in consulting and sales roles at Microsoft.

He holds an MBA from London Business School - including an exchange semester at The Wharton School - with a specialty in finance.

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Founder quote

"With Peter on the Board, we have a strategic thinker that knows his way around VC and is (nevertheless) a genuinely nice guy. Peter truly understands the world of a scaleup operator and always goes the extra mile to help us succeed."

Martin Vasehus

Founder and CEO, ComplyCloud
Joined SEED


When I'm not working
  • Family comes first, and with three kids you’re never bored.
  • Trail running and various other sports, these days mostly Muay Thai.
  • Reading books.
Deep dive
  • SaaS companies
  • The venture journey in general, and the financial side in particular
  • Go-to-market models
  • Management team composition
What I’m reading

Always reading about entrepreneurship and venture capital - current recommendations are:

  • The Power Law:
    Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future
  • Amp It Up
  • The Qualified Sales Leader
I’m happiest when…

I’m productive! Maybe it’s my sales background, but I also love negotiating new investments.

What gives me energy
Podcast i recommend
Paying it forward

I love teaching young people about venture capital and entrepreneurship, so I give lectures at various universities every year, including Imperial College and CBS.

What’s it like working for SEED Capital?
Why did you join SEED Capital / VC?
My greatest achievement
My biggest failure
Link to relavant talk/podcast/article/blog with you
Any other pointers like your personal investment thesis/preference/view upon the world of scaleups and VC
My greatest learning when working with startups and venture capital

More often than not, it’s not possible to skip steps or iterations. 

Investing at the pre-seed stage, I learned this many times over. You often need way more iterations on your product than you think. Venture capital can help you iterate faster, but not doing fewer iterations on your product with real customers.

It’s somewhat similar when investing at later stages but now it’s either about iterating on your go-to-market motion or scaling it. I’ve made the mistake of scaling too quickly or too much at once, more times than I’d like to admit. I am every bit as ambitious as the founders I work with, hence it’s against my nature to be too conservative. But things break more often than you’d think when you start scaling - so spread out those hirings over the full year, and be prepared to redo your plans over and over again.

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