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Tine Lindgreen

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Tine Lindgreen



Tine is a Principal and focuses her time on early-stage companies across Climate tech, SaaS and Deeptech. She is particularly interested in solutions that have an impactful change for all of us.

Prior to SEED Capital, she held a variety of jobs within the startup and venture ecosystem. An Investment Banker turned Operator. She was Head of Business Development at Ageras (fintech scaleup) followed by business development and investment processes at Vækstfonden.

She holds a Master Degree in Economics and Finance from University of Copenhagen.

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Joined SEED


When I'm not working
  • Well, two small kids <3
Deep dive
  • Financial strategy 
  • Funding metrics (what does good look like)
  • Scaling capital structure on a venture journey
  • Essentially I’m pretty good at numbers and bridging the world of operational performance and financial excellence - and vice versa

I’ve become a Peppa Pig connoisseur - unintentionally!

What I’m reading
I’m happiest when…
What gives me energy

Being surrounded by people filled with energy who want to go that extra mile.


I love structured chaos.

Podcast i recommend
  • This Week in Tech 
  • Freakonomics (you need to love economic theory. And be a bit nerdy.)
Paying it forward

I find diversity to be a very important matter in general - but especially in the VC space. It is obviously important to have more female founders, females in management, and more female VCs. But it is equally important to ensure that we create working environments where they want to stay after they have a family.

What’s it like working for SEED Capital?

Fun and full of learning. Of course people are bright and have deep, deep knowledge about the venture industry, but what will make you stay is the fact that the people are good people with a great sense of humour. These things make you feel like being a part of a family.

Why did you join SEED Capital / VC?

The people, the massive experience, and the amazing founders.

My greatest achievement

My boys. They are my two small unicorns in the making... we’re still in the deployment phase but very much looking forward to the harvest phase ;-)

My biggest failure
Link to relavant talk/podcast/article/blog with you
Any other pointers like your personal investment thesis/preference/view upon the world of scaleups and VC
My greatest learning when working with startups and venture capital
Philanthropy and Service