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Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack

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Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack

Managing Partner


Ulla is the Founder and Managing Partner at SEED Capital and has 15+ years of VC experience. She has led the VC firm through four funds, several investments in renowned companies and a number of strong exits.

Ulla started her career within innovation and business development as a management consultant with McKinsey. Hereafter, at Egmont and Nordisk Film where she was instrumental in the establishment of game developer IO Interactive, creator of Hitman. Ulla subsequently became co-founder of the web shop Harburi before founding SEED Capital in 2004.  

Ulla has an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Columbia Business School. 

Invested in
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Founder quote

"SEED was first investor in Veo, and has been a great support on our journey. Seed has helped introduce investors, and has helped find a Chairman to our Board. Furthermore Seed works actively to make introductions and network to other Founders and startups."

Henrik Teisbæk

Founder of VEO
Joined SEED

Founded SEED Capital in 2004 while also managing PreSeed Ventures from 2003-2017.

When I'm not working
  • Happily married to Michael living on an estate from 1750.
  • I play tennis and go shooting 🎾
  • Privileged to have a large social network. 
  • Contemporary art brings joy in my life.
Deep dive
  • Building growth companies
  • Business strategy
  • Business and fund economics
  • Building great teams
What I’m reading
I’m happiest when…
  • My two children are happy ❤️
  • Our portfolio companies succeed.
  • I use both the right and left sides of my brain. For example, I’m an avid art lover and collector.
What gives me energy

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Podcast i recommend
Paying it forward
What’s it like working for SEED Capital?
Why did you join SEED Capital / VC?

I founded it to help ambitious entrepreneurs succeed and prove to Danish institutional investors that it is possible to make a profitable return on venture.

My greatest achievement
My biggest failure

I co-founded - a virtual factory outlet launched in 10+ countries in 2000.  We got hit by fraud and I had to close it down. Our investors, including renowned VCs, lost a lot of money. We essentially built a company in 100 days, launched in multiple markets, meaning that I, too, has made all the textbook mistakes and today,  I help founders avoid them.

Link to relavant talk/podcast/article/blog with you
Any other pointers like your personal investment thesis/preference/view upon the world of scaleups and VC
My greatest learning when working with startups and venture capital
Philanthropy and Service
  • Mary Fonden (HRH Crown Princess Mary’s Foundation)
  • OneLife Foundation (8 families providing seed funding, network and strategic help to social entrepreneurs in DK and Africa)
  • Kwera (financing university education to currently 500 students in Malawi)
  • William Demant fonden
  • Danish Active owners (DVCA), Board Member
  • Advisor to several governmental programs and committees.